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Trauma Education Video Series

Recovery and healing from trauma is possible.

When someone has experienced trauma, it can be difficult to understand what happened and find ways to cope with difficult thoughts and feelings. Our hope is that these videos can be a source of accurate and helpful information for victim-survivors of child sexual abuse (whether it happened online or in person), as well as supportive friends and family, in their healing process.

We recommend starting with the video on self-care before moving on to the videos on trauma. There is no need to watch all videos, or even an entire video, in one sitting. It may be helpful to take breaks or to watch the videos with a supportive friend, family member, or therapist.

These videos are not a replacement for therapy or other professional counselling or support services. Youth and their family members may choose to use the videos as a support until therapy is available or may include them in their work with a therapist/counsellor.

If you are currently in need of additional support, visit the Support page for a list of services.

These videos are meant to provide information of a general nature, not advice. Consult with an appropriate professional when dealing with specific situations.

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