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Resources: Online Safety

Helping kids stay safe while online is something many families are concerned about. It can be difficult to stay up to date with new technology and how to best protect your kids. C3P offers information about the ever-changing online interests of children, the potential risks they face, and proactive strategies to help keep your child/adolescent safe while online.

For Parents — This site regularly gleans information from to help parents stay informed about age-specific interests of young people, the risks they face online, and proactive strategies for helping to make their child's online experiences safer.


For Kids

Zoe & Molly Online — This interactive series gives eight to 10-year-olds an opportunity to have some fun exploring what it means to be safe while playing games online. All the components of the Zoe & Molly Online program, including comics, an interactive game, and online safety quiz, provide an engaging learning experience for children.


For Youth — This site provides youth with information about how to manage issues that may arise from sexting incidents, as well as steps youth can take to request images/videos be removed from websites, helpful hints for how to involve a safe adult, and information about self-care and recognizing when things have gone too far.


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