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Social Value Report

Highlights from 2020

Your Voice Has the Power to Protect Children Survey

On the heels of the New York Times’ 2019 series “Exploited”, which heavily referenced C3P and Project Arachnid, we launched the Your Voice has the Power to Protect Children survey. It asked the public to weigh in on the responsibility industry bears in the removal of child sexual abuse images online. In just over three months, 10,500+ respondents overwhelmingly indicated that technology companies must be held accountable for failures to remove images/videos harming children.

White House Roundtable

In a historic meeting at the White House, the Phoenix 11 (P11), with the support of C3P, were invited to provide their testimony at a roundtable between the Five Country Ministerial and industry. Each member of the P11 was given time to share their story and the impact it’s had on their lives. Their courage to push through discussing some of the most horrific moments of their lives brought the room to silence.

Reviewing Child Sexual Abuse Material Reporting Functions on Popular Platforms

Prompted by feedback from survivors, as well as concerns voiced by citizens reporting into, C3P undertook a systematic examination of the availability of CSAM‑specific reporting mechanisms on 15 major platforms. Our research found most lack content reporting functions specific to CSAM, often leaving victims feeling hopeless in their efforts to get their own abusive material removed. In order to clarify and streamline the process for reporting CSAM, the review presented five recommendations for companies that allow user-generated content on their service.

COVID-19 Response

As COVID-19 gripped the country, families found themselves at home, facing virtual classrooms, unrestricted online access, and with it all, increased risk to children. During this time saw an 81% increase in report of online child exploitation, underscoring the urgent need to provide Canadians with online safety resources. C3P quickly pivoted, and responded with a dedicated support page which amalgamated all new and existing resources in one spot so families, educators, and child-serving organizations could access information easily.

Social Value Reports

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