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Social Value Report

Stories to Tell — Highlights from 2017–18

Over the past year the Canadian Centre for Child Protection took very deliberate steps to move our Digital Agenda for Protecting Canada’s Youngest and Most Vulnerable Children forward, with a focus on two of its key pillars: reducing the availability of child sexual abuse material (CSAM), and identifying more victims of CSAM along with improving support systems for survivors. This year, more than any other, has seen the strengthening of those pillars through the introduction of ground-breaking technology, a movement towards unprecedented support for survivors, and exceptional collaboration with international allies who are ready to tackle this global issue with a global response.

Project Arachnid

In 2017–18, Project Arachnid took the world by storm. From Washington, to the UK, to India, we sat at the table with key decision makers from child protection hotlines, law enforcement agencies, government bodies, and industry from around the world to further explain and highlight the unique capabilities of Project Arachnid. These meetings resulted in unprecedented access to data sharing, support, and funding which will help to greatly expedite the removal of CSAM around the world.

The International Survivors’ Survey

In September 2017, we released the final results of our International Survivors’ Survey in which 150 survivors from around the world used their voice to contribute valuable information about their experiences to help us better serve Canadians, as well as provide important recommendations for the services and organizations that intersect with survivors of CSAM in order to better understand the unique challenges these survivors face. The results underscored an urgent need to reframe how we, along with the international community, are tackling this issue.

The Phoenix 11

In February 2018, the Canadian Centre hosted the first retreat for survivors whose child sexual abuse was recorded, and in the majority of cases, distributed online. These survivors — who dubbed themselves the Phoenix 11 — discussed some of the challenges they face/have faced and what their future looks like in order to adapt or create resources and support services to better suit their unique needs. The Phoenix 11 as a group, with the support of the Canadian Centre, will continue to use their collective voice in the pursuit of change for survivors of child sexual abuse that has been recorded. Turns 15

In 2017, celebrated 15 years of being Canada’s national tipline for reporting online child sexual abuse, as well as a central component of the strategy to protect children from sexual exploitation on the internet. Since its inception, the tipline has responded to 266,000+ child sexual exploitation reports from the public and referred those reports to law enforcement for investigation, resulting in at least 520 individuals being arrested, hundreds of children being removed from abusive environments, and the protection of countless children both within Canada and abroad.

The Naked Mole Rat

In May 2017, the Canadian Centre launched a new campaign to prevent the sextortion of teenage boys using an unlikely hero. The Don’t Get Sextorted, Send a Naked Mole Rat campaign urged teens to send gifs of this hairless wonder of nature instead of nudes. This important message, spread through humour and an unconventional hero, earned the biggest media response the Canadian Centre has had to date thanks to an article in The New Yorker that spawned additional mentions in other media outlets around the world.

Commit to Kids Coaches eLearning Module

In November 2017, the Canadian Centre launched a new Commit to Kids for Coaches eLearning module in collaboration with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) which is designed to address boundaries, sexual misconduct, and reporting. This training gives coaches access to information that will help them enhance athlete safety.

Making a Difference for Children: 2017–18 Achievements

April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018

  • 100,000 unique images a month are being detected by Project Arachnid that require analyst assessment and possibly trigger take down notices
  • 430,000 notices issued to providers to remove child sexual abuse material
  • 139,897 reports processed (248% increase from 2016–17)
  • 5,800+ inquiries from families, children, community members and law enforcement to the Child Safety and Family Advocacy Division to date
  • 5,588 users logged on for Commit to Kids Child Sexual Abuse Prevention online training

Social Value Reports

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