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Project Arachnid

Project Arachnid is an automated web crawler and platform that helps reduce the online availability of child sexual abuse material around the world, breaking the cycle of abuse.

Who is it for?

All Survivors

What does it do?

Project Arachnid crawls links on sites previously reported to that contained child sexual abuse material and detects where these images/videos are publicly available on the internet. If child sexual abuse material is detected, a notice is sent to the hosting provider requesting its removal. Project Arachnid processes thousands of images a second and is thus capable of detecting content at a pace that greatly exceeds that of traditional methods of identifying and addressing this harmful material.

How does it support child safety?

One of the most important outcomes of Project Arachnid is the psychological relief offered to survivors of child sexual abuse material who have had no control over the distribution and ongoing sharing of their recorded sexual abuse. Every time their image or video is viewed survivors are re-victimized. By curbing the public availability of this content, Project Arachnid helps break the cycle of abuse for survivors, and address the very real fear someone they know may come across an image of their abuse on the internet.


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