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The Canadian Centre for Child Protection

C3P Supports Enhancing Online Safety of Canadian Children

Every day, the online platforms that profit from the attention of our kids put their safety at risk. We are on the front lines witnessing the dangers and violence children and survivors of child sexual abuse face on an unregulated internet.

It’s clear that there is an urgent need for change.

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Project Arachnid:
A world leader in reducing the availability of child sexual abuse material

Together, our global analyst network helps send an average of 20,000 takedown requests every day.

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Survivors: we stand with you.

C3P is supporting survivors of child sexual abuse material and their families through advocacy, research, and resources.

Sextortion: an organized attack against youth receives an average of 10 sextortion reports per day – C3P has information for parents on how it occurs, ways you can help prevent it, and what to do if it happens to your teens.

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Trending Resources, Timely Support

C3P offers resources and information to keep families, schools, child-serving organizations, and, most importantly, children safe.

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We are committed to helping families and protecting children. Whether you’re in need of immediate assistance or looking for prevention material, we have services and programs for families, educators, and more. Explore the categories below to see how we can help you today.


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Our Support Network

C3P is supported by the following contributors, government, and law enforcement allies.

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Be a part of something big. As a registered charitable organization, we rely on donations to help us offer our programs and services to the public. You can support us in helping families and protecting children.

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