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Missing and Exploited Children Conference (MECC)

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is excited to host our 14th annual Missing and Exploited Children Conference (MECC) which will take place from May 13-15, 2014 at Winnipeg's Fort Garry Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre.

The goal of this three-day training conference, which is attended by law enforcement members, social workers, educators, prosecutors, counsellors, lawyers, medical professionals and government policy analysts, is to broaden the knowledge of those involved in child protection surrounding the issues of missing and exploited children.

One of the leading conferences of this type in Canada, the MECC provides training by expert speakers from around the world on a wide range of issues. With the rapid growth in online crimes against children, the training needs of professionals working in the area of child protection have changed immensely. An example of topics covered include the detection and investigation of child victimization, how to deal with children in trauma and Internet-related exploitation, as well as offering a unique glimpse into the victim's perspective.

Conference Fee: $300 ($300 on or before April 30th or $325 on or after May 1st)

Registration is now open! Click here to register online or click here to download our registration form.


MECC Speaking Line-up:

  • Impact of Trauma on Child Development: Dr. Eliana Gil

One of the leading experts in the field, Dr. Gil has worked in the area of child abuse prevention and treatment for the past 40 years. In the last decade Dr. Gil has directed two child sexual abuse treatment programs in Northern Virginia (Inova Kellar Center and Childhelp Children’s Center of Virginia).

This workshop will present state of the art information on the biological, emotional, psychological and social impact of complex trauma on children. Special emphasis will be placed on children's resiliency and preferred modes of communication. Specific symptoms commonly associated with childhood trauma will be reviewed, and targeted domains of impairment, necessary for determining trauma impact, will be discussed. The idiosyncratic nature of abuse will be highlighted and an overview of necessary therapeutic interventions will be provided. Slides of children's art work will provide a deeper understanding of children's perceptions and strengths.


  • De-coding Patterns of the Online Child Sexual Offender: Dr. Michael Bourke

Dr. Bourke is the Chief Psychologist for the United States Marshals Service (USMS) and serves as the head of the USMS Behavioral Analysis Unit. He has been a federal law enforcement officer since 2000 and was deputized by the USMS in 2008. Prior to joining the Marshals Service, he worked as a clinical psychologist for the federal prison system, specializing in the analysis and treatment of sexual offenders.

This presentation will focus on the psychological and behavioral characteristics of Internet sex offenders. The presenter will review the extant literature in the field of Internet sexual offending and address important issues for investigators, prosecutors, probation officials, treatment providers, and others who work in the field. These issues include identifying the motivational pathways that underlie online criminality, highlighting challenges in the area of risk assessment and describing issues that relate to the treatment and management of online offenders.


  • Donnie Snook Case Study: Presented by Detective Paul Krawczyk, Investigator Gord Redfurn and Crown Prosecutor Karen Lee Lamrock

Donnie Snook, 41, was a revered city-councillor in Saint John, New Brunswick, serving as a youth ministry leader, foster parent and active community volunteer. He was also a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This presentation will outline the investigation and prosecution of Donnie Snook, who pleaded guilty in 2013 to 46 child exploitation charges involving 17 boys as young as five-years-old and possession of 15,000 child abuse images and videos.


  • Timothy Richert Case Study: Jennifer Richert and Assistant District Attorney Justin Keiter

Everything in Timothy Richert’s life, from his choice of employment as a schoolteacher to his desire to have children, was strategically done to aid his sexual abuse of children. In 2001, two of Timothy Richert's 4th grade students made allegations of abuse yet charges were not perused. After his oldest daughter spoke out about the abuse, Timothy Richert again went unpunished until years later when his youngest daughter came forward. This presentation will outline how Timothy Richert was able to manipulate Child Protective Services case workers, police officers and prosecutors.


  • Navigating the Cloud: Constable Chris MacDonald and Crown Counsel Allison Dellandrea

Cloud computing is the new ‘buzzword’ for modern data storage and software service applications. But what’s really behind ‘the Cloud’ and what are its implications on evidence-gathering, law enforcement, criminal prosecution and offender supervision?

This lecture will explore the technical, investigative and legal issues of Cloud computing, first by providing an orientation of the essential components of popular cloud services (iCloud®, Dropbox®, Google Drive®) and then through a discussion of the challenges associated with the seizure of data that may be in more than one place at a time. Examining common and emerging investigative scenarios, this presentation willoffer practical recommendations for properly articulating the need to identify, preserve and collect data at the time of a search warrant execution. A review of the existing legal framework for searching the Cloud will be presented and discussed as a cautionary guide for this evolving legal landscape.


  • Craigslist Undercover Operation Case Study: Presented by Constable Andy Stuart and Crown Prosecutor Nils Jensen

In February of 2009, the Saanich Police Service received two complaints involving the sexual exploitation of minors on the Internet. In response to these complaints, members of the Saanich Police Child Abuse Team developed an undercover operation that targeted individuals seeking the sexual services of juvenile females on Craigslist. This undercover investigation was one of the first to be attempted in Canada, resulting in the arrest of two males. The conviction of one of the males was recently upheld by the British Columbia Court of Appeal. The second case is still before the courts. This presentation will provide a case summary and highlight lessons learned, providing important insights for police investigators, child protection workers and crown prosecutors.


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