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If you are a survivor or a family member of a survivor, you may contact us for information, resources or support by completing the form below.

Your safety is important to us. If you are in crisis and need to speak with someone immediately, please call 911.

For emotional distress or a suicide crisis, you can find help at 1-800-668-6868 ( or 9-8-8 (

For additional resources regarding emotional distress go to

Please note, if you are contacting us related to an issue which falls outside of the mandate of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, due to a high volume of requests, we may not be able to respond.

Our privacy commitment to you: Any information you choose to share is kept confidential and only shared with those who are directly involved in responding to you or providing support. Your information is only used to help us assess and respond to your message — we will not share your information without your consent, except in limited circumstances as explained in our Privacy Policy. For example, if we have reason to believe a child is in need of protection we are required by law to report that information. You never need to tell us your name or share any information you don’t want to share. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

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