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Resources: Support for Survivors and Their Families

The Canadian Centre supports survivors of child sexual abuse material through specialized resources, advocacy, and research in order to find solutions to what is a growing, global issue.

Through the International Survivors’ Survey we are acutely aware of how the trauma of child sexual abuse material online can colour every aspect of survivors’ lives. The courage of survivors who have shared their stories has guided how we can advocate for resources and better support systems for child victims.

If you wish, you may contribute information about your experience by completing the International Survivors’ Survey.

Project Arachnid

Learn more about how the Canadian Centre is using technology to combat child sexual abuse material online through Project Arachnid.

Survivor Advocacy Groups

We are dedicated to working collaboratively with survivors so we can to change the world for these individuals, their families, the children still enduring abuse, and to prevent it from happening wherever possible.

The Phoenix 11

The Canadian Centre is working with the Phoenix 11, an incredible group of survivors who are speaking out to help the world understand the ongoing impacts of child sexual abuse online.

Read more about the Phoenix 11 and their work here.

Mothers of Child Sexual Abuse Material Survivors

To learn about the hardships families of survivors endure, years after the hands-on abuse has ended, we have convened a group of mothers whose children’s sexual abuse was recorded and distributed online. We learned that for moms there is an emotional continuum long after “the discovery” of the abuse that often includes loss of relationships, financial instability, and a constant worry about their child’s safety, to name only a few examples. Their insight is crucial to guiding support resources like those below.

Male Survivors

The Canadian Centre is just beginning to learn about the experiences of male survivors, who face unique social stigmas that comes along with male sexual abuse, thanks to a courageous group of men who are willing to share their stories.

Resources for Families

When a child is abused by someone in the family, or by a trusted family or community member, the sense of betrayal can be overwhelming. Protective parents/guardians are often lost about what to do and how to help their child. To assist families in navigating the recovery process, the Canadian Centre has developed tailored resources for protective parents/guardians looking to pick up the pieces.

Visit the Order Materials section to order these resources, or download them below.

Together with New Directions, the Canadian Centre has also developed Big Feelings Come and Go, a storybook that teaches kids about freeze, flight and fight and helps them learn basic self-regulation skills. The storybook and accompanying posters will help your child understand freeze, flight and fight and can help generate conversations about what they can do to help them manage their big feelings.

You can order the storybook in the Order Materials section, or download it below.

More Support

Connecting with Your Local Child Advocacy Centre

Child and Youth Advocacy Centres exist throughout the country to provide children and families with coordinated support for children who are victims or witnesses to crimes. The support model offers a multi-disciplinary approach in a child-friendly environment. To find out if your community has a child advocacy centre, visit the Child & Youth Advocacy’s National website.

Connecting with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection

If you or someone you know is a survivor of child sexual abuse and is in need of support or would like to learn more about our work with survivors connect with us here.

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