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We thought of you with love today – More than 30 years later, still no justice for Candace Derksen

More than 30 years later, still no justice for Candace Derksen

For Immediate Release

We are saddened to receive the news that after a 30-year journey for justice, the Derksen family must walk away without justice being served. A family who has so gracefully endured all that has unfolded over the decades deserves more.

We are reminded that all too often, dangerous individuals are allowed to walk our streets and that we must safeguard our children. We know the justice system alone cannot keep our children safe from predators. Each of us needs to be reminded that we have a role to play in keeping not only our own children, but all children, safe.

Though justice was not found in the court yesterday, we will continue to carry Candace’s legacy. She has left a footprint on our city that is undeniable. The Canadian Centre for Child Protection was born from her legacy and we will continue to fight for change and for families who are impacted by a missing or exploited child.

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